About Us

At Midvale Box, We think out of the Box

The Midvale team goes well beyond our own men, women, and machinery. We also represent our board mills, ink suppliers, die makers glue suppliers, and trucking companies. So we not only choose them very carefully, for reliability and competitive pricing, we re-evaluate them on a regular basis. At Midvale, we never forget it's our team against our competitors. The bottom line for us is your satisfaction.

How do we achieve our mission?

We make sure we run at optimal efficiency every day. Our machinery is 125' long, runs at 500' per minute and prints up to 4 colors, cuts and strips, all in one pass, on one machine. It's called "web feed" production. Others use the "sheet feed" process in which it's necessary to print on one piece of equipment, die cut the form on another, and strip with pneumatic hammers, by hand, as the last step of production. This is both labor intensive and costly. Our efficient manufacturing is what sets us up to be reliable across the board. Last year we had a perfect record, with 100% on-time delivery for both standard and custom orders.

Our Proactive Programs

In addition to our factory fitness, we offer special proactive programs to meet buyers specific needs. For example, we guarantee next-day delivery, through a network of warehouses across the United States. This program is geared to those industries with multiple line items and a high turnover rate (45-60 days). We also offer a consignment program that places our goods into our customer's warehouse. Additionally, for our retail customers we can ship to a main warehouse, multiple distribution centers, individual stores, or a combination of all three.

Message from President - Midvale Box Inc.