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About Midvale Paper Box

Midvale is a fully integrated manufacturer of Folding Paper Boxes. Print, Cut , Glue, Window. We work with Bending Chip, Clay News, Kraft, SBS, Poly coated, TMP and specialty oven-able paper board

Styles include, reverse tuck, Auto Bottoms, Auto Bottoms with Platforms, inner partitions, 4corner trays, 1 pieces, 6 corner with hinged lid, pads, double wall.

Printing capabilities include Flexo and offset.

Production facilities in PA, OH, CA and soon TX. Micro production runs, prototype runs and mass production

Please call David Frank direct at

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Envelope Boxes

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ENV10-12L (Pack of 225)
Midvale Paper Box ENV10-12L (Pack of 225)

As Low As $33.34 USD

Sale price$52.29 USD
ENV10-12B  (Pack of 225)
Midvale Paper Box ENV10-12B  (Pack of 225)

As Low As $50.17 USD

Sale price$78.39 USD
ENV09-12L (Pack of 225)
Midvale Paper Box ENV09-12L (Pack of 225)

As Low As $33.10 USD

Sale price$54.90 USD
ENV09-12B  (Pack of 225)
Midvale Paper Box ENV09-12B  (Pack of 225)

As Low As $40.15 USD

Sale price$82.35 USD

Featured collection

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2" Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)
Midvale Paper Box 2" Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)

As Low As $ 29.40 USD

Sale price$29.40 USD
2.5" Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)
Midvale Paper Box 2.5" Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)

As Low As $ 33.75 USD

Sale price$33.75 USD
4" Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)
Midvale Paper Box 4" Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)

As Low As $ 43.60 USD

Sale price$43.60 USD
Legal Size Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)
Midvale Paper Box Legal Size Letterhead Box (Pack of 100)

As Low As $44.25 USD

Sale price$51.85 USD

Custom Cartoning Solutions

We provide businesses with custom-printed boxes and custom packaging solutions that meet industry and product-specific needs with the following features:

  • Automatic bottom tuck top,
  • Micro Production,
  • Prototype Production.

We work with companies in many categories like Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Confectionary.

Contact us Today!

Call: +1 570 824 3577

Email: michele@midvalebox.com

Custom Packaging

Our Manufacturing Process in Action at our Production Factory in Pennsylvania

At Midvale, we create quality paper boxes at the best possible value using cost effective & manufacturing processes. We make sure we run at optimal efficiency every day. Our machinery is 125' long, runs at 500' per minute and prints up to 4 colors, cuts and strips, all in one pass, on one machine. Our efficient manufacturing is what sets us up to be reliable across the board. Last year we had a perfect record, with 100% on-time delivery for both standard and custom orders.

Message from President - Midvale Box Inc.

What Our Customer's Say

Hello David,

Just a note of thanks to you and the team for the quick turn on these boxes. Having them in house means we are able to run a machine over the upcoming weekend to meet a customer’s timing. I would still be three weeks out with the vendor you just ousted!

Box quality looks good, and I could find no issues with the folding or the gluing in the samples I pulled. By now, your product will have made it to our production floor, and is sequenced to be used when the current supply runs out, probably sometime late on second shift tonight. Overall, outstanding job, David.

Mike. M

XXXX Envelope Co.


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